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Rival Events specializes in creating dynamic and engaging live screen printing experiences for various occasions such as trade shows, corporate events, and outdoor festivals. Based in Overland Park, KS, Rival Events is known for its innovative approach, allowing participants to customize their own apparel on-site, thus providing a memorable and interactive experience. The company prides itself on quality craftsmanship and creativity, ensuring each event is unique and impactful. Their services not only entertain but also serve as powerful marketing tools, generating leads and increasing brand visibility.

Clientele and Experience: Rival Events has a diverse portfolio, having worked with numerous high-profile clients across different industries. Their experience spans small local events to large international gatherings, demonstrating their capability to handle a wide range of event scales and requirements.

Benefits of Choosing Rival Events:

  • Memorable Experiences: Attendees leave with custom-made items that serve as a lasting reminder of the event.
  • Brand Visibility: Every piece of apparel printed on-site serves as a walking advertisement, enhancing brand exposure.
  • Lead Generation: Interactive experiences create opportunities for collecting contact information and generating potential leads.

By choosing Rival Events, you ensure that your event will not only be unique and engaging but also leave a lasting impression on attendees, ultimately enhancing your brand’s reach and impact.

Services and Offerings:

  • Live Screen Printing: Rival Events brings live screen printing to events, allowing guests to select their own designs and watch as their custom apparel is printed. This interactive activity captures attention and creates a lasting impression.
  • Custom Apparel: They offer a range of apparel options, including t-shirts, hats, and jerseys, which can be customized on-site, making each piece a unique souvenir.
  • Corporate and Promotional Events: Ideal for brand promotion, Rival Events helps businesses stand out at trade shows, conferences, and corporate events by engaging attendees in the creation process of branded merchandise.
  • Outdoor Events: Their mobile setup is perfect for festivals, charity runs, and other outdoor gatherings, offering a fun and memorable experience for participants.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Engagement: By involving participants in the printing process, Rival Events ensures high engagement and a personal connection with the brand.
  • Quality and Creativity: Emphasizing top-quality materials and innovative designs, they ensure that the final product is something participants will cherish and wear, further promoting the brand.
  • Flexible and Mobile: The company’s mobile printing services can adapt to various event sizes and locations, providing flexibility and convenience for organizers.

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